Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to create an Online Shop Login Account?

YES, purchases from the Club Supplies Online Shop are limited to members of Lions Australia. Your Online Shop Login Account is a way of verifying this information, tracking your order through our system and contacting you.

It is also to save your basic contact details for future purchases.


Why do I need to provide my member number and Club ID?

Each Lions Club has a unique ID code in our finance system, purchases by members are grouped for processing and reporting by Club ID, regardless of whether the order is for personal or club use.

Your LCI Member Number identifies you as an active member of the Organisation.


Where do I find my member number?

Your member number is printed on the flysheet that arrives with the Lion Magazine. Alternatively, your Club Secretary will be able to look this up in the LCI member database.

Lioness members who are not also a Lion will need to enter the member number "Lioness".


I don't have a credit card, can I still place an order using the Online Shop?

If the order is for your Club, then you can still place it online and select "On Account" as the payment method. An invoice will be sent to the Club with the goods.

If the order is for yourself, then you can still place it online and select either:

  • Cheque - mail a cheque to the National Office quoting your order number (payment discounts do not apply)
  • Bank Transfer - process a bank transfer the same day using the order number as the reference (payment discounts still apply where applicable)


Some of the prices have changed?

We are now displaying all items at their gross sale price, discounts will now apply on checkout if applicable.

Due to fluctuating exchange rates, prices may also be updated from time to time.


The item I require is out of stock, can I still place the order?

If stock is not available then you can still place the order and it will flow through to our inventory management system. Once new stock has been received the goods will be dispatched.


How do I order more than one New Member kit?

When adding the item to your cart, there is a mandatory text field and an optional text field to record the new member details and induction date. For system design reasons, these 2 boxes are limited to 32 characters. Generally this is enough space to enter the details for 2 new members in a single shopping cart line.

If you are inducting 8 new members, for example, simple repeat the Add To Cart process multiple times in the same order.


Why can't I order spare New Member Kits?

New Member Certificates are stamped with the details of the International President current at the time of induction. This means that any pre-stamped certificate stock would become obsolete at each change is President. For this reason, the details are only added at the time of order.

LCI requires Club Supplies to only provided Kits for the exact number of New Members about to be inducted to ensure certificates presented display current information.


How do I apply the payment discount?

A 5% discount is applied to applicable online shop purchases that are paid for at the time of placing the order. A Coupon Code will need to be entered during checkout for this discount to apply.

Note - a small selection of items are exempt from discount as they are already sold at a low margin.


Why have freight prices and the freight free threshold increased?

The standard flat shipping fee had not changed for 5 years, however during time Australia Post have increase parcel post charges annually. A review of the Australia Post rates and service delivery options have led to the increase.

A flat fee is used so that regional areas are not disadvantaged.

eParcel offers the advantages of:

  • online tracking
  • security
  • electronic alerts


How to I clean the Teardrop Banner?

This item can be hand-washed in cold water. Dry in the shade.


What are the technical specifications of the Rescue Swag?

Rescue Swag is registered as a splint with the Therapeutic Goods Administration. Rescue Swag medical goods are registered to ISO 13485:2003 compliance through supplier, Aero Healthcare.

Please see component lists for both Rescue Swag and Workplace Rescue Swag by clicking Rescue Swag Details